All trainings will be on Zoom/live Webinars

All Zoom trainings will have a Post-test to measure both applied and conceptual knowledge of the content taught.


Your health and wellbeing is central to everything we do at our rooms.

So, as the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we wanted to reassure you that we’re working to support you during this difficult, challenging time.

We will continue to meet with our patients face to face whenever possible, and for as long as possible. Rest assured that we are well-equipped to offer Zoom video sessions to all patients and, dependent upon how the COVID-19 virus curve develops, it may be that eventually all our sessions are conducted online to help protect your health and safety, as well as that of ours.


Additional Hygiene Strategies
While we already have sound hygiene practices in place, we have implemented the following additional strategies to help reduce the risk of transmission:

Specific to our Practice , all patients have their temperature checked at the door. Any patient with a fever will be asked not to enter the Practice.
We request that all patients & Service providers use hand sanitizer once they enter the Practice.
We will not shake hands or have any physical contact with patients
Social distancing with screens 1.5metres is maintained within the consulting room.
All work surfaces are cleaned a minimum of four times daily.
Soft furnishings are disinfected thrice daily.


How You Can Help
We expect all Patients to comply with Government directives on self-isolation and quarantine periods. If you have a fever, sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, recently travelled overseas, been in contact with someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19), or believe you may be at risk, do not come into our Practice. Please call us to reschedule.

Remember that all sessions can be provided Via zoom during self-isolation and quarantine.

We acknowledge the many and significant challenges that you may be coping with, and appreciate your willingness to comply with the strategies we have implemented.


Trauma-focused Integrated Play Therapy (TF-IPT)


A 12-Session Play-Based Treatment Curriculum

Dates: TBA




Phone: 031 201 0307 (Durban Office)

COST : 3 DAYS – R4500




Trauma focused Integrated Play Therapy (TF-IPT) is a model Well- suited to young children ages 5 to 17. The material is designed to elicit more full engagement in treatment and to remain sensitive to children’s natural hesitation and loyalty conflicts and confusions when discussing interpersonal traumas that involve family members or other trusted Individuals (adults or older children).



Continuing Education Credits EMDR Institute Basic Training

Weekend 1 and 2:
40 credits total: 20 CE credits for Weekend 1 and 20 CE credits for Weekend 2
NBCC – as an approved ACE Provider NBCC- APA

EMDR LEVEL 1 training from the 1/02/2023 to the 3/02/2023 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.
EMDR LEVEL 2 training from 22/03/2023 to the 24/03/2023 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.

EMDR LEVEL 1 training from the 17/05/2023 to the 19/05/2023 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.
EMDR LEVEL 2 training from 5/06/2023 to the 7/06/2023 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.


LEVEL 1- FEBRUARY – 2023- 1st  2nd 3rd  Cost R7500-00- Including Consultation
LEVEL 2 – MARCH– 2023- 22nd 23rd 24th Cost R7500-00- Including Consultation

LEVEL 1-May– 2023- 17th 18th 19th Cost – R7500-00 Including Consultation
LEVEL 2-July–2023- 5th 6th 7th Cost R7500-00 Including Consultation

Training Starts at 8am to 4pm – All registrations and communications to be done via email

The cost of the trainings is R7500.00 non-refundable. All payments to be made a week prior to the Training.


To All Participant’s

EMDR Trainings:

  • Are only for participants who have their Master’s Degree in Psychology or Social work.
  • There are 2 Levels of trainings Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Certificates are only given to Participants who have completed level 2.
  • Each trainings consist of 3 days and after 6 weeks of Trainings, 2 Hours of consult is compulsory for each Level.
  • The Cost for each level of trainings is R6000.00 and a consult Fee of R500.
  • Level 2 must be completed within 2 years of completing Level 1

Note To all Participants
 All Online training manual’s will be sent via email to Participants.
 Participants will only receive a hard copy of the Workshop Manuel when Workshops are held in person.




The Discovery Game 

The discovery game is specifically designed to help children who are resistant to involvement in play therapy and are unable to verbalize their emotions.


The discovery game will minimize the therapeutic process, by providing the therapist with information on what the child is thinking, thus giving insight into how the child is feeling and subsequently, how the child is acting out his feelings.


The game helps children to free themselves sufficiently to reveal previously suppressed thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


The game has been developed to help the therapist understand the child’s thought process. If the therapist understands the thought process the therapist can help the child change prevailing misconceptions.



A large selection of specialised books
are available for purchase from
Education UnlimiteD
Play Therapy
The Art of the Relationship

Garry Landreth

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Personal Psychotherapy

Reyhana Seedat is a certified Clinical, Family and Marital Therapist with broad frontline experience in both adult and children’s mental health.

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Contact: Reyhana Seedat
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